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Game Show Hyperlapse - 1/31/2020

Starring Violet Pixie, GameShow, Lo Valentine

Enjoy this hyper-lapsed video of one of our favorite live shows!

Leila Lewis Processed and Strip Searched - 1/10/2020


Leila is taken into the station to be processed and searched. She is so mad at how tight her handcuffs and shackles are and gives Officer PinkCuffs attitude when he takes them off. Leila willingly changes into her dirty orange jumpsuit but doesn't seem to enjoy it. Come watch this brat get ready for jail!

Sandra Luna Ziptied Photoset - 12/28/2019


Enjoy these photos of Sandra Luna ziptied with an orange and white striped jumpsuit on and a sports bra and shorts!

Corrine Bound Photoset - 12/20/2019


Enjoy this photoset of Corrine Carrie bound with rope and zipties!

Jackie Jupiter's Bondage Baking Show - 12/14/2019

Starring Jackie Jupiter

Jackie Jupiter tries to bake sweet strawberry creme cupcakes while being tortured! She eventually gets handcuffed, shackled, and stripped during her baking, which makes it a lot harder. Is she still able to bake the cupcakes? Come find out!