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Rocco Stuck with Nowhere to go - 2/14/2020


Come watch Rocco get her wrists and ankles ziptied! She doesn't like the zip ties as much as the metal handcuffs, but they work all the same! She has nowhere to go!

Callie Klein Zip Tied in the front - 2/7/2020


Callie has found some really pretty purple wrist zipties. Her boyfriend asks if she wants to try them on and she willingly sticks out her hands to be locked up. She doesn't how to react and just studies the zip ties around her wrists. After a while, she starts to struggle and try to slip out then gets more frustrated when she realizes she's stuck! Come watch her beg to be let out!

Game Show Hyperlapse - 1/31/2020

Starring A Violet Pixie, GameShow, lovalentine

Enjoy this hyper-lapsed video of one of our favorite live shows!

Leila Lewis Processed and Strip Searched - 1/10/2020


Leila is taken into the station to be processed and searched. She is so mad at how tight her handcuffs and shackles are and gives Officer PinkCuffs attitude when he takes them off. Leila willingly changes into her dirty orange jumpsuit but doesn't seem to enjoy it. Come watch this brat get ready for jail!

Sandra Luna Ziptied Photoset - 12/28/2019


Enjoy these photos of Sandra Luna ziptied with an orange and white striped jumpsuit on and a sports bra and shorts!